During weeks in which there is no Feast Day of the Church, our Wednesday evening worship takes the form of Evening Prayer (also known as Evensong). The Service of Light (Lucernarium) is the heart of this devotional service. It begins with a dialogue that brings into focus Jesus as the light of the world (John 8:12 & John 1:5), and recalls the request from the Emmaus disciples that Jesus would remain with them (Luke 24:29). A large, lighted candle is carried forward through the church during this dialogue.

After the Service of Light, the community joins in singing one of the oldest hymns of the Church, “Joyous Light of Glory” (Phos Hilaron in Greek). Already in AD 350, Basil the Greast spoke of this hymn as a cherished tradition of the Christian Church.

Other hymns and canticles are sung, a short homily or devotional reading is given, and intercessory prayer is offered in the form of the ancient Litany.